COSMO WENMANThere are moments in history when the glare of science fiction lights the horizon.
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ARTnews: B.C. in 3-D: Rise of the MakerBot Printer

Interview with the Mythbusters guys'

Jay Leno with my 3D prints of hominid fossil KNMER406 and Hypnos.

Regarding British Museum Scans and Prints, 2012 London 3D Print Show:

Cory Doctorow, science fiction author, journalist, and editor of
"... extraordinary achievements, which have really pushed the limits on 3D printing using low-cost, home-model printers."
Full-size museum replicas from a MakerBot - BoingBoing

Maria Popova, editor,, writer for Wired UK and The Atlantic, MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow:
"You know the future is here when sculptures - indistinguishable from the Ancient Greeks' are 3D-printed with @makerbot" - via @brainpicker

"Cosmo Wenman is a California artist who has just reminded us not to limit our imaginations when it comes to what can be made"
- Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence

"Cosmo Wenman has been consistently blowing the tops off of preconceived notions concerning what is technically possible for DIY 3D scanning and printing, as well as bringing up big important questions about what these tools can and should be used for."
Cosmo Wenman's Head of a Horse of Selene - Adafruit Industries

"These sculptures are incredibly authentic looking and feeling, which caused several people in the office to wonder why we had them. 'Are we going to scan these and make them on a MakerBot?' No, no, we explained. These were already made on a MakerBot."
Cosmo Wenman's Mind-Blowing Sculpture Made On A MakerBot - via MakerBot Blog

Click here for photos and my comments on my British Museum scans and prints.

Click here for a PDF of my press kit for the 2012 London 3D Print Show

Regarding "Through A Scanner, Getty":

Bruce Sterling, science fiction author and futurist:
"Vernacular video is great for getting one past the stage of abstract comprehension and into a state of 'Oh lordy.'" - Wired

"Propaganda of the deed." - via @bruces

Virginia Postrel, author, The Substance of Style and The Future and Its Enemies:
"The masterworks of three-dimensional art are joining the digital commons. For art lovers, this technological moment represents a tremendous opportunity."
3-D Copying Makes Michelangelos of the Masses - Bloomberg View

Bre Pettis, co-founder and CEO, MakerBot Industries:
"It's on!" - via @bre

The J. Paul Getty Museum:
"What art love looks like. In 3D."
- via @GettyMuseum

The California Historical Society:
"What an interesting project, love to see more items as they are modeled"
- via @CAHistory

MakerBot Industries:
"Amazing work!!" - via @MakerBot
"#3dprinting ftmfw" [Look it up - CW] - via @Build3dprinter

Gavin McInnes, co-founder VICE, Creative Director, Rooster New York:
"That is badass"

Regarding "Casting Metal Directly Into 3D Printed Plastic Mold":

MakerBot Industries:
"Some people are just designed to push the limits of things. They see possibilities where others see limitations. And then there's the special breed of person who finds all these new answers and then shares them with everyone else. Cosmo Wenman continues to prove himself one such person." - via MakerBot blog

Regarding 3D Scan Requests:

MakerBot Industries:
"Maybe these requests themselves are an art project, or maybe Cosmo's trying to make a point about the responsibility we each bear to digitize the world. Or maybe he's just trying to tell the rest of us to use photos and other resources that are available to turn these things and everything else into 3D models. What do you think?" - via MakerBot blog

Regarding "Blade Runner View From Your Window" Video:

Andrew Sullivan:
"brilliant... Creativity and diligence wins the day." - via The Daily Beast