COSMO WENMANThere are moments in history when the glare of science fiction lights the horizon.
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Is there an object you want scanned and made into a 3D model? I have successfully scanned sculptures at the Louvre, British, Tate, Getty, and Norton Simon museums, as well as mobile objects scanned in my own studio. I'd love to talk to you about how I can help with your scanning project.

Printing, Finishing, and Bronze Fabrication
If you already have a scan of an object that you would like printed and/or finished, let me know. I can also finish something you've printed yourself. My Alternate Reality Patinas line offers a variety of real metal finishes from bronze to brass, iron, nickel, and more, in an unlimited palette of colors and effects. I can also render your 3D design in solid bronze.

I can provide advice and assistance on the technological or artistic aspects of your scanning and printing project, and help you best finish and present your scanned object.

Corporate Sponsorships and Commissions
I can help you show off your company's printer, scanner, software, or other technology by creating something cool to be used in demonstrations or advertising. I'd also love to try out new products and share my results and feedback.

General Support
If you'd like to help advance the cause of using 3D scanning and printing technology to reproduce and share artwork, giving more people the chance to experience beautiful and/or historical objects, I'd love your help. Are you a sympathetic 3D design ninja or modeler that can lend some design talent? Do you have access to scans, equipment, or print medium? I'd love to hear from you. Or, if you'd just like to provide general support, my Paypal donation link is here:

Thanks for your interest.

— Cosmo