The Archetypes Burst In, Illustrated

LACMA - The_Archetypes_Burst_In_Cosmo_Wenman3D Prints by Cosmo Wenman at the LACMA Art + Technology Lab

LACMA hired me to give their new Art + Technology Lab its very first presentation, on February 3, 2014. It was a private presentation to approximately fifty of LACMA’s staff, including curators, asset managers, and fundraisers, though at my request they allowed me to invite a journalist.

My talk was billed as a “3D Printing Demo,” but I went for more.

The arrangement above was intended as a still-life depicting plenitude–abundance and variety. It’s what I set up to illustrate some of my thoughts on 3D printing, 3D capture, and new opportunities for museums in their role as custodians of design.

Below is a sped up compilation of a few videos I used in my talk (minus the ominous music). It features photos of others’ prints of some of my 3D captures.

There were a few raised eyebrows when it came to the topics of copyright and public domain, but it went well overall. Reactions ranged from positive and enthusiastic to–and I quote–“this is bullshit.” So I must be doing something right.