Design, fabrication & consulting services

I’m an artist specializing in 3D design, 3D scanning, and 3D printing applications, and I’m a consultant to artists and foundries seeking to incorporate digital techniques into their traditional workflows. For my professional design, 3D scanning, fabrication, and consulting services, please visit CONCEPTREALIZATIONS.COM


I’m also an open access activist. I argue that museums and private collectors should make 3D scans of important public domain works freely available to the public. With 3D scanning and related technologies, private collectors and museums have an unprecedented opportunity to become engines of new cultural creation. They should digitize their three dimensional collections and project them outward into the public realm to be adapted, multiplied, and remixed in new, unpredictable ways that will shape the arts for millennia. They should do this because the best place to celebrate great art is in a vibrant, lively, and anarchic popular culture. My Freedom of Information-related projects are at COSMOWENMAN.COM

I live in Southern California.

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