Aerospace Sculptures for Frost Museum of Science, Miami

I produced two bronze plaques and a stainless steel sculpture for the Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum’s Feathers to the Stars exhibit on the history of flight.

The 18” bas relief bronze plaques depict aerospace pioneer Otto Lilienthal and his 1894 glider, and a Mosquito XE experimental helicopter and its designer, John Uptigrove. The 19” stainless steel sculpture is a scale model of a Northrup F-5B “Freedom Fighter” fighter jet.

I digitally designed 3D models of the glider, helicopter, and jet using photos and 2D technical drawings as guides. Lilienthal and Uptigrove’s likenesses were reproduced from photo references. I 3D printed high-resolution templates of all three pieces in laser-cured resin, made molds, then cast the pieces in silicon bronze and surgical-grade stainless steel.

The Frost Science Museum, Miami, opened its doors in early May 2017, and my sculptures are installed directly beneath the full-scale aircraft they are modeled on, which hang from the gallery ceiling. My sculptures are intended to give access to the blind, by enabling visitors to explore the aircrafts’ contours with their hands.

The jet’s finish mirrors the bright silver skin of the original jet overhead. The light brown patinas of the plaques will slowly develop bright highlights where visitors’ hands polish the bronze, making them more attractive over time while creating a visual record of their use.

All three pieces require virtually no maintenance, and will last many hundreds of years.