Akkadian Lion

I made this sculpture — plywood panels on a 86″ x 45″ x 4.5″ wooden substructure — for use as a headboard. It is painted with about a dozen layers of latex paint, randomly sanded down, repainted, over and over. The final layer is a loose line drawing of an Akkadian artifact — a small trinket depicting a lion — faintly peeking out from the abstract wash.

Architectural Photography

These are photographs I took of private homes over a decade or so, with a focus on the windows and doors. Most of these shoots were fairly impromptu, with little notice, scouting, or set up time. All but a few — including daylight interior shots — using only available light. Quick and dirty shots to include in printed and online product advertising.

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Blade Runner + View From Your Window Contest

Every week Andrew Sullivan posts a photo and holds a contest to see who can locate the window from which it was taken — the “View From Your Window” contest. This was my entry for the January 7, 2012 contest: my guess was Budapest, Hungary. I made this video of my search process just for fun, and to cut through all the submissions he gets, but I added the Blade Runner dialog, the stupid computer sounds, and the mind-numbing electronica on principle. (Remember when computers used to make loud clicking and beeping sounds as they were working? Me neither. At least they’re still noisy in the future.)

For some reason, Sullivan, one of the most widely read writers on the internetz, never credits the readers who send him the comments or contest submissions he publishes. I took care of that by changing the title of my video after he’d embedded it on his site. See the result here.