Bloomberg View:
The Dawn of Point and Print (10/31/2014)
Museums are increasingly putting high-resolution scans of two-dimensional artworks online. Wenman is on a crusade to convince them to do the same with three-dimensional scans…


El Diario:
De un dinosaurio a la Venus de Milo:
convierte tu casa en un museo con una impresora 3D
Las esculturas más famosas del mundo también pueden imprimirse en 3D gracias a Cosmo Wenman, un artista que promueve la democratización de los museos. [English version here]


Die moderne Form des Gipsabdrucks… (7/30/2014)
Seine Skulpturen sind 3D-gedruckte Kopien der antiken Kunstwerke, mit denen er den Blick und das Gefühl der alten Werke auf eine Art und Weise einfängt, die nur mit den Fortschritten der modernen Technologie ermöglicht werden kann. [English version here]


3D Printing Industry:
Life-Sized 3D-Printed Portrait Raises Mortal to Godly Status (article 4/22/2014, video 5/31/2014)
[Wenman] urges more cultural artifacts, particularly of a historical nature, to be made accessible to the greatest number of people possible.


Crowdfunding Is Not a Scam, It’s Market Research (3/28/2014)
Crowdfunding has enormous potential to expand entrepreneurial opportunity and reduce business risks.

Quand La Mode S’Imprime En 3D (1/10/2014)
Les artistes et les créateurs de mode s’emparent de l’imprimante 3D pour réaliser des oeuvres surprenantes. Le début d’une révolution. [English version here]

Domaine public : Camille Claudel en 3D sur ta cheminée (1/9/2014)
Demain frappe à notre porte donc. La sculpture, elle non plus, n’échappera pas à la question du partage de la culture sur Internet. [English version here]

The Independent:
3D printers revive the art of casting your own Venus (12/27/2013)
Cosmo Wenman, a California-based 3D printing artist and entrepreneur, has just published the first ever printable 3D surveys of the two works. In the 10 days since being published online, the designs have been downloaded close to 14,000 times.

Winged Victory Available for 3D Printing (12/19/2013) [Segment starts at 22 second mark]
One of the most amazing things in the world, absolutely free


Donner accès au patrimoine mondial grâce à l’impression 3D (11/25/2013)
[Wenman] veut apporter un peu de « disruption » dans les musées. Faire prendre conscience aux musées qu’ils pourraient scanner par eux-mêmes leurs oeuvres et qu’ils devraient les distribuer gratuitement.

Public Knowledge:
3D Printing, Matisse, and the Arbitrariness of Copyright Terms (10/28/2013)
One of the side effects of [Wenman’s] project is to throw some light on the fundamental arbitrariness of copyright terms.

NPR Morning Edition, All Tech Considered:
3-D Printing A Masterwork For Your Living Room (10/11/2013)
Wenman hopes he’s leading the way to a future where 3-D prints of sculptures by greats like Rodin or Michelangelo are as common as posters of a Van Gogh.


Mi faccio un Van Gogh (8/29/2013)
È l’incontro tra i maker e il mercato – anche sommerso – dell’arte, ma anche una rivoluzione concettuale

3D Printers Allow Home Replication of Famous Sculptures (7/9/2013)
Wenman’s growing archive of documented works for 3D printing puts him ahead of much of the museum world. (audio from radio broadcast)
Revolutionary 3D scanning and 3D printing project to make ancient sculptures available to public (6/14/2013)
Supporters of the project will be enabling a revolution in the way we interact with art

Very Short List:
3D Printing Is Gettin’ Real Folks (6/19/2013)
This Kickstarter project plans to replicate artefacts and create an open source database of artwork from the world’s museums. Access for all!

The Atlantic Cities:
Art Museums Better Hurry Up and Get Ready for the Future of 3D Printing (6/20/2013)
Rodin, meet Napster

Andrew Sullivan:
Print-At-Home Sculptures (6/26/2013)
They’ve arrived… Wenman thinks 3-D printing could change the way we learn about and experience art

Reason/Hit & Run:
3D Printing: Important for Art History, Not Just Weapons (6/13/2013)
Cosmo Wenman is one of the men on the cutting edge of doing supercool things with 3D tech, and he’s focusing on its art and archeological history implications, via a very interesting Kickstarter project that he calls Through a Scanner, Skulpturhalle.

Cosmo Wenman’s Cast of Thousands (6/11/2013)
In the 19th and well into the 20th century, the museums of the world, as well as the homes of collectors, were filled with … plaster casts made from the bronze or marble originals of the more notable examples of Greek and Roman sculpture… So there’s a certain coherence in Cosmo Wenman’s current mission, which is to use 3D printing to make these classics even more broadly available than before… Hopefully his Kickstarter project will catch fire and get funded, as a significant first step in freeing the world’s sculptural riches from vaults, museums and the private collections of the lucky few and making them broadly available.

How 3D printing could revolutionize the art world (6/27/2013)
When artists get a new toy, there’s no telling what they’ll do. Consumer photography had only been around 30 years before Man Ray started creating his surreal masterpieces. The way California artist Cosmo Wenman uses the 3D printer has the same potential to change the world of art.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities:
3D Scanning in Museums: A Q&A with the Smithsonian’s “Laser Cowboys” (6/2/2013)
This Kickstarter campaign got me thinking that we are about to experience a new and improved 21st-century version of cast collections and open access to art.

Greek Reporter:
Greek Ancient Sculptures Through 3D (6/14/2013)
The Skulpturhalle Basel museum in Basel, Switzerland will host a revolutionary 3D scanning and 3D printing project, under the title, Through a Scanner, Skulpturhalle, introduced by Cosmo Wenman, a 3D printing pioneer based in Southern California.
Support Cosmo Wenman’s 3D Scanning Project (6/6/2013)
Cosmo has just launched a Kickstarter to get him to the Skulpturhalle Basel museum in Switzerland, where he plans to scan 20 archetypal plaster sculptures and replicate at least one of them in life-size for a future 3D Printshow. The best part is that Cosmo plans to release these scans as copyright-free files on Thingiverse. It’s a cause worth supporting.

3D Printing Industry:
Cosmo Wenman – Making Art Accessible with 3D Scanning (6/14/2013)
Cosmo Wenman is a man with a dream. His dream is to allow anyone who has ever wanted a sculpture that can only be found in a museum or a gallery the chance to have one.

Patrick Hussey:
3D Printing Ancient Greek Sculptures (6/14/2013)
the digital files here are the really important bit, sucking the sculptural forms into computers so they can be preserved, shared and studied with liquid ease. Surely a good thing, if you consider the swathes of culture lost through the ages to rot, fire, theft…

At-Home Artist Prints Out Masterpieces (7/9/2013)
Cosmo Wenman is quickly making a name for himself through his 3D printing… [He] believes that the advent of 3D scanning and printing has allowed priceless artwork like this to be accessible across the world…

Print your own Venus de Milo, and add some arms! (7/9/2013)
Wenman’s idea has great potential for schools — from kindergarten to the university level, especially if it catches on elsewhere. Art history classes might not have to study Rodin’s or Michelangelo’s sculptures only from a picture in a book. And 3D printing could be applied in other areas, such as historical artifacts or models of ancient cities.

3D Printer World:
3D Printable Statues from Skulpturhalle (6/16/2013)
The Skulpturhalle Basel museum in Basel, Switzerland houses approximately 2,000 plaster casts of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures. Thanks to the work of a Southern California-based 3D printing artist named Cosmo Wenman, you may soon be able to download the plans and print them yourself.

LiDAR News:
Through a Scanner, Skulpturhalle (7/19/2013)
a very interesting project

Benchmark Reviews:
Cosmo Wenman Announces 3D-Scans of Ancient Greek and Roman Sculptures (6/17/2013)
By making the scans available to anyone, Wenman hopes to further the goal of digitizing the world’s cultural heritage.

Adafruit Industries:
Colossal bust of Ramesses II / Ozymandias by CosmoWenman (6/20/2013)
As a demonstration for what he hopes to accomplish with his project Through A Scanner, Skulpturhalle, artist Cosmo Wenman has started making good on his promise to scan, cleanup, and share notable masterworks of art and sculpture with world early — his crowdfunding project is just getting started, and he is already sharing artwork for free on Thingiverse!

With 3D printing, you’ll be able to replicate the world’s famous sculptures (6/21/2013)
Wenman’s plan is to make all of his 3D files publicly available in the MakerBot Thingiverse, where anyone could freely recreate sculptures that are currently accessible only in art museums.

Supported Project – Through A Scanner, Skulpturehalle (6/22/2013)
This is a fantastic opportunity to make art history come to life in 3d…

3D Printer:
Cosmo Wenman wants to liberate sculptures from museums with 3D printing (6/23/2013)
There’s a great article in The Atlantic Cities this weekend that is likely giving heartburn to museums around the world.

Tech Hive:
Help Cosmo Wenman scan masterpiece statues for 3D printing (6/25/2013)
Cosmo Wenman wants to capture dozens of masterpieces in 3D so that anybody can freely print them at home.

Making sculptural masterpieces accessible to all through 3D printing (6/29/2013)
We are looking forward to see his print … and we can’t wait to own our very own 3D printed Venus de Milo.

Free 3D Scans Of Famous Sculptures? (6/10/2013)
Cosmo Wenman is well-known for his incredibly realistic and large-size 3D prints of ancient sculptures… Now he’s taking the concept to a much higher level…

On Kickstarter: Set the world’s 3D art free through a scanner (6/10/2013)
Wenman believes all 3D printable designs of the entire world’s cultural heritage of sculptural masterworks will eventually be available to everyone, and he wanted to start a project that helps it to happen…


General interest media mentions:

B.C. in 3-D: Rise of the MakerBot Printer (5/21/2013)
All of this raises new and old questions about the relationship between the artist and the museum, and about art as intellectual property.
Maker Profile: Cosmo Wenman’s 3D-Printed Art (3/18/2013)
His sculptures are 3D-printed replicas of ancient works of art, capturing the look and feel of those works of old but reproduced in a way that could only be done with the advancements (and limitations) of modern technology. Here’s how he does it.


Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing:
Full-size museum replicas from a MakerBot (10/20/2012)
… extraordinary achievements, which have really pushed the limits on 3D printing using low-cost, home-model printers.

Maria Popova,
You know the future is here when sculptures – indistinguishable from the Ancient Greeks’ are 3D-printed with @makerbot (10/24/2012)

Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence:
Cosmo Wenman’s mind-blowing 3D-printed sculptures (10/22/2012)
Cosmo Wenman is a California artist who has just reminded us not to limit our imaginations when it comes to what can be made

Adafruit Industries:
Cosmo Wenman’s Head of a Horse of Selene (11-08-2012)
Cosmo Wenman has been consistently blowing the tops off of preconceived notions concerning what is technically possible for DIY 3D scanning and printing, as well as bringing up big important questions about what these tools can and should be used for.

Cosmo Wenman’s Mind-Blowing Sculpture Made On A MakerBot (10/20/2012)
These sculptures are incredibly authentic looking and feeling, which caused several people in the office to wonder why we had them. ‘Are we going to scan these and make them on a MakerBot?’ No, no, we explained. These were already made on a MakerBot.”

Reason/Hit & Run:
3D Printing Meets Fine Art (6/15/2012)
It’s a chance, in Wenman’s words, “to spread faithful reproductions of treasured artwork far beyond the walls of elite palaces”

Bruce Sterling, Wired:
Showtime: Through a Scanner, Getty (6/6/2012)
Vernacular video is great for getting one past the stage of abstract comprehension and into a state of “Oh lordy.”

Bruce Sterling: Propaganda of the deed. (6/6/2012)

Virginia Postrel, Bloomberg View:
3-D Copying Makes Michelangelos of the Masses (6/14/2013)
The masterworks of three-dimensional art are joining the digital commons. For art lovers, this technological moment represents a tremendous opportunity.

Bre Pettis:
It’s on! (6/4/2012)

The J. Paul Getty Museum:
What art love looks like. In 3D. (6/5/2012)

The California Historical Society:
What an interesting project, love to see more items as they are modeled (6/5/2012)
#3dprinting ftmfw [Look it up – CW] (6/5/2102)

Gavin McInnes, co-founder VICE That is badass  (6/8/2012)

Using A MakerBot To Make Plastic Molds For Casting (7/18/2012)
Some people are just designed to push the limits of things. They see possibilities where others see limitations. And then there’s the special breed of person who finds all these new answers and then shares them with everyone else. Cosmo Wenman continues to prove himself one such person.

Whodunit: Mysterious Statue At MakerBot Booth (7/16/2012)
Maybe these requests themselves are an art project, or maybe Cosmo’s trying to make a point about the responsibility we each bear to digitize the world. Or maybe he’s just trying to tell the rest of us to use photos and other resources that are available to turn these things and everything else into 3D models.

Andrew Sullivan:
brilliant… Creativity and diligence wins the day. (1/10/2012)