Sculpture for ‘Songs for Disaster Relief’ at 2017 Venice Biennale

I manufactured this seven foot-long sculpture for Hong Kong-based artist Samson Young, whose installation, Songs for Disaster Relief, is Hong Kong’s entry in the 2017 Biennale art festival in Venice, Italy. This sculpture is the centerpiece of the Hong Kong pavilion.

Young’s design uses as its digital foundation my own high-resolution 3D scan of the famous ancient Greek sculpture, Winged Victory, the Nike of Samothrace. Grafted onto the goddess Nike are intricate digital sculpts of the philosopher Pythagoras, a space station, and a bust of Ronald Reagan.

I was hired as a consultant on this complex digital design, and to digitally prepare it for large-scale 3D printing. I 3D printed the sculpture in multiple nylon segments, assembled the pieces, and gave them a patinated bronze finish. The final piece is one of the largest 3D printed works of art ever made. Design prep, 3D printing, final assembly, and finishing were completed in 60 days.

This project was sponsored by the M+ Museum of Visual Culture, Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The sculpture is on display in Venice through November 2017.