I offer a range of services related to 3D scanning, 3D design, and 3D printing. I’m based in San Diego, but I’m all over California and can travel anywhere in the world for your project.

3D Scanning
I have successfully scanned sculptures at the Louvre, British, Tate, Getty, the San Diego Museum of Art, and Norton Simon museums, as well as mobile objects scanned in my own studio. I am an expert in and specialize in photogrammetry–using digital photography to create super high-quality 3D models–but also use laser-scanners, structured-light systems, and hand-held systems. I’d love to talk to you about how I can help with your scanning project.

3D Design
If you have a rough concept, line drawing, or even just a few reference photos of a sculpture, figure, bust, or consumer product, I can transform your concept into a 3D printable design.

3D Printing + finishing
If you already have a scan of an object that you would like printed, let me know. I can also finish something you’ve printed yourself, giving your print a real metal finish—bronze, brass, iron, nickel, and more, in an unlimited palette of colors and effects.

Bronze + stainless steel casting
I can cast your 3D design, 3D print, or conventional clay model in solid bronze or stainless steel.

I can provide advice and assistance on the technological or aesthetic aspects of your scanning, design, and 3D printing projects, and help you make your project a reality. I also do equipment and software evaluations for new products.

Custom commissions
If you’d like me to produce a custom work of art, for yourself or as a gift, I’d love to hear what you have in mind and make it happen.

If you work with a museum that wants to raise its profile by scanning and publishing objects from its collection, I can help you develop a project concept and fundraising pitch to bring to your donors.

Media Wrangling
I can also help bring media attention to your project. For examples check out my media mentions.



Jeffery Herr, curator, Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House Museum, Los Angeles:
“From start to finish you have made an amazing copy. The file scans… to the milling and adjusting process, to the coloring all came together in a most amazing manner. The result is rather like perfection. I think our visitors, without really knowing, will instinctively know this too.”

A satisfied customer:
“I couldn’t have imagined a better product delivered… Again, thank you for delivering such a wonderful product.”

A satisfied customer:
“I’m thrilled to see the [project] come to life like this and I do appreciate the straightforward way you work.”

Brad Feld, venture capitalist, Foundry Group:

Bre Pettis, CEO, Co-Founder, MakerBot:
“Cosmo’s work truly brings 3D printing into another realm. [He] shows that the technology is much more malleable than previously envisioned and has created some of the most impressive examples of 3D replication we have ever seen.”

Cory Doctorow, editor,
“…extraordinary achievements, which have really pushed the limits on 3D printing”

Louise Leakey, Paleontologist,
“Cosmo has a compelling vision of how these technologies can liberate the world’s three-dimensional heritage. Ambitious projects like [his] are a start of something new and exciting.”

Bruce Sterling, science fiction author and futurist:
“Propaganda of the deed.” “[Wenman’s work] is great for getting one past the stage of abstract comprehension and into a state of ‘Oh lordy.'”

The J. Paul Getty Museum: “What art love looks like. In 3D.”

Anonymous museum professional who doesn’t like my “scan everything” message:
”I think this is bullshit, really. Don’t you?”

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