COSMO WENMANThere are moments in history when the glare of science fiction lights the horizon.
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God Emperor Claudius:

This video shows my process from my original photograph of the Vatican museum's bust of Claudius, through photo editing, to layout in pencil, and painting in acrylic on canvas (36" x 48"). The recital of Robert Graves' "The Sibyl's Prophecy" is from I, Claudius, BBC, 1976.

Figure Paintings:

Figure paintings from life, by eye, in acrylic and oil.

Skulls, Sketches, and Methods:

A few sketches from life (death, actually). The first batch are very quick outlines done while playing with a camera lucida. The last one was done by eye, over an hour or so, using a rough approximation of Sight-Size method.

Detail after Bellotto's "Dresden from the Right Bank of the Elbe":

Detail (second image) after Bellotto's "Dresden from the Right Bank of the Elbe, above the Augustusbrucke". Oil on masonite, 7.5"x10". Audio from Daniel Dennet's "Magic of Consciousness" presentation.

Akkadian Lion:

I made this sculpture — plywood panels on a 86" x 45" x 4.5" wooden substructure — for use as a headboard. It is painted with about a dozen layers of latex paint, randomly sanded down, repainted, over and over. The final layer is a loose line drawing of an Akkadian artifact — a small trinket depicting a lion — faintly peeking out from the abstract wash.


Abstract paintings in acrylic and latex on canvas and canvas board. Sizes range from 11" x 14" to 30" x 22".

Kindle Fire:

Acrylic on canvas board, 16"x20".

Architectural Photography:

Photographs I took of private homes over a decade or so, with a focus on the windows and doors. Most of these shoots were fairly impromptu, with little notice, scouting, or set up time. All but a few — including daylight interior shots — using only available light. Quick and dirty shots to include in printed and online product advertising.

Augustus the Insufferable, the Supercut:

A collection of Augustus' dialog from I, Claudius. The guy was an insufferable blowhard, a square, and a scold. He just plain had to go.

Juliette Lewis + Daft Punk + Beyonce Mashup

I really like the Gap ad with Juliette Lewis and Daft Punk. There's something very genuine about Lewis' performance, movements, and expressions — it seems like she was having fun making the ad, and it comes through. Watching the Beyonce video Single Ladies, with its trio of dancers and simple backdrop, it struck me that these two videos need mashing. Unfortunately it's hard to find a high quality version of the original Gap ad, so this video is fuzzier than I'd like. Ideally, I'd like to find a HD version of the original, so I can make a remix that is as sharp and high contrast as the original Beyonce video.

Blade Runner + View From Your Window Contest

Every week Andrew Sullivan posts a photo and holds a contest to see who can locate the window from which it was taken — the "View From Your Window" contest. This was my entry for the January 7, 2012 contest: my guess was Budapest, Hungary. I made this video of my search process just for fun, and to cut through all the submissions he gets, but I added the Blade Runner dialog, the stupid computer sounds, and the mind-numbing electronica on principle. (Remember when computers used to make loud clicking and beeping sounds as they were working? Me neither. At least they're still noisy in the future.)

For some reason, Sullivan, one of the most widely read writers on the internetz, never credits the readers who send him the comments or contest submissions he publishes. I took care of that by changing the title of my video after he'd embedded it on his site. See the result here.

Shoreline Survey, Orange County:

Whenever I hear the opening minute of Loretta Lynn and Jack White's duet Portland Oregon, I think "That's surf music". I had to set some Southern California beach imagery to it. I shot these photos at San Onofre, because what day at the beach is complete without attack helicopter fly-bys and a nuclear reactor?

Montage: Images Depicting Elements of Glamour

"Take This Lollipop" Mashup

This is a mashup of the interactive Facebook site Take This Lollipop. Instead of watching the stalker track you down, we watch him experience the full range of emotions that typically accompany first exposure to dubstep: wonder, rage, intrigue, confusion, and, finally, bloodlust.