Download model files here:

The Sexyboy series of collectable art collector art toys celebrates the world’s most prodigious collectors of fine art.

The Sexyboy series features:

– Charles Saatchi
– David Geffen
– Eli Broad
– Francois Pinault
– Leon Black
– Leonard Lauder
– Paul Allen
– Steven A. Cohen
– Steve Martin
– Steve Wynn
– Bonus Cubi XXVIII Accessory

I am producing an extremely limited run of hand-painted, signed originals (for serious inquiries, please contact Barrett White, at, but I’m sharing the printable .stl files for everyone to enjoy.

The printable files are set to 5/100 scale so they will have a good preview on Thingiverse, and print at a managable size on a Replicator. Feel free to scale them up to full size.

Print, paint, then impress your friends.

Make sure to sand the Steve Wynn Art Toy’s elbows smooth.

3D Printed Steve Martin
3D Printed Steve Martin

3D Printed Steve Martin
3D Printed Steve Martin

#Banksy is the @CosmoWenman of street art.