Marc Antony’s Helmet

Computer renderings:

Photographs of completed helmet, 3D printed via laser-sintered stainless steel, with some elements gold-plated. The gemstones are laser-cured resin 3D prints:

“Three Dancing Nymphs” at the Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House, Hollywood

“Three Dancing Nymphs” at the Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House, Hollywood


My replica of the 1st-century A.D. marble relief from Roman Libya, Three Dancing Nymphs, is shown above on the first day of its installation at the Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House in Hollywood, California.

The Hollyhock House was Wright’s first project in Los Angeles; it is now a museum and a candidate for designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The original marble relief was the most important piece in the Hollyhock House’s original owner’s art collection, and was the last major feature missing from the house’s recent restoration back to its original 1920s decor—in the photo below, the photograph in the upper right corner from the 1920s is one of the few references showing where the original was located. Now that it is on permanent display in the loggia, my replica will be the first thing to greet museum visitors.

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The Archetypes Burst In — my talk at REAL2016

This is my presentation from March 8, 2016, at the REAL2016 conference on 3D scanning.

My talk was about how people have made use of the scans I’ve shared, and on museums that aren’t sharing their 3D data.

Related, here’s my investigation of The New York Times story on the fake Nefertiti 3D scan heist: The Nefertiti 3D Scan Heist Is A Hoax. (It’s not only related, I published it the morning I gave this talk.)

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