Through A Scanner, Skulpturhalle Failed (update 7/1/2013)

You can read all the details about my (now failed) Kickstarter, Through A Scanner, Skulpturhalle here, but here’s the short version: my goal is to 3D scan a selection of plaster casts of important, archetypal sculptures at the Skulpturhalle Basel museum. I will then publish the scans and 3D printable files into the public domain, copyright-free, so that anyone, anywhere, can download, alter, adapt, or 3D print them for themselves. It’s a way to broaden access to sculptural masterworks to everyone.

The Skulpturhalle has been preserving high quality 19th and 20th century plaster casts of these ancient masterworks (and many, many more). You can help me prioritize the scan targets by clicking on the titles and re-tweeting your favorites:

Medusa Rondanini
Venus de Milo
Hera Farnese
Charioteer of Delphi
Bronze Portrait of Alexander the Great
Tivoli Ares
Somzée Ares
Laocoön and His Sons
Athena from Marsyas Group
Artemision Bronze / God From The Sea
Boxer of Quirinal
Head of Athena Lemnia
Head of Ares Ludovisi
The Kaufmann Head
Athena Parthenos
Wounded Amazon Sciarra Type
Kritios Boy
Head of Farnese Heracles
Winged Victory
Praying Boy
Kore of Beroia
Pseudo-Seneca / Aristophanes
Molossian Hound
Head of Odysseus from Sperlonga Group
Head of Menelaus from Pasquino Group
Spinario / Boy with Thorn
Dancing Faun