My Kickstarter campaign failed to reach its fundraising goal, but that does not necessarily mean my project, Through A Scanner, Skulpturhalle is dead.

While the Kickstarter drew support from only 106 backers, those backers were enthusiastic and excited about a future with greater access to art for everyone.

The campaign received national and international media coverage (see here), and I continue to receive inquiries from people and institutions that are just starting to engage and grapple with its implications.

It must be a measure of something that this project received the attention it did, yet not the broader support it needed. I’ll take it as a sign that it might have been ever so slightly too far ahead of its time. I expect projects like it to succeed within the year.

I am currently in discussions with potential backers who may fully sponsor my project directly. I have some very promising leads, and that would not have been possible without the support from my backers, and their help spreading the word.

I hope to have good news soon, and I’ll post updates here and on twitter.