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“In style the Esquiline Venus is an example of the Pasitelean “eclectic” Neo-Attic school, combining elements from a variety of other previous schools – a Praxitelean idea of the nude female form; a face, muscular torso, and small high breasts in the fifth-century BC severe style; and pressed-together thighs typical of Hellenistic sculptures… The statue’s subject has variously been interpreted as the Roman goddess Venus (possibly in the form Venus Anadyomene), as a nude mortal female bather, a female version of the diadumenos tying up the hair with a fillet.” —Wikipedia

I captured this piece in the Louvre in November 2012, but I processed, printed, and am publishing it in connection with this NPR story: http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2013/10/11/231450884/3-d-printing-a-masterwork-for-your-living-room

I’ve included a version of this torso scaled to roughly match the human scale of the Male Torso, Diadumenus Type which I’ve also published. They make a nice pair standing side-by-side.